Customer Testimonials


Upholstery Portland Customer Testimonials

Upholstery Portland Customer Testimonials

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  1. We had Durkin Custom Upholstery re-upholster a sofa and loveseat once and then later redo six of our dining chairs. We loved the result both times.

  2. I did my time researching the right company to re-upholster a sofa and three club chairs. Kevin had the years of experience and quality to detail that I was looking for. A bonus was service! I highly recommend Kevin for your next project.

  3. Kevin was professional, quick and flexible! He recovered my ottoman in one week and was very accomodating with pick up and drop off. Beautifully re-covered. I highly recommend him.

  4. Kevin did a beautiful job for us on an antique sofa, three side chairs, and six dining room chairs. We were amazed how quickly the job was completed and I cannot say enough about the workmanship. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone needing upholstery work done.

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